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Batched Cocktails

Non Alcoholic Cocktails

We think that is a must to serve Non Alcoholic Cocktails in all bars, mocktails or virgins are all mixed cocktails with fresh herbs and juices and even with the use of no alcoholic herb and flower hydrolates steam distilled ingredients. all guest in the bar should be able to drink a craft cocktail!

  • size 3L
  • servings 20x150ML
  • abv 0%
  • cocktailcrafttap Co2 carbonation
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  • Great for baby showers and social resposibility
  • flavour fushion herbs on lemonade or hydrol flowers
  • garnish herbs, zests and etible flowers
  • Fresh squeezed Citrus
  • Small seasonal batches
  • Made by Bartenders
  • On Cocktailcrafttap