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Cocktail Mixers

Key Lime

We start batching our Key Lime cocktail mixer, marrying it with organic cane sugar, love and herbs. This makes us unstoppably fast, accurate and most importantly, always consistent in taste.

  • Size 0,5L
  • Servings 10/15 drinks
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  • Nose Bayleaf, Pine, Clove
  • Color Amber Green
  • Pallet Tongue Lime, Tamarindus, Caramel
  • Serve Cocktails & mix, Punch

How does it work?

Springbay cocktails mixers serves consistency with a fresh pallet.
Pour a shot to taste and use as a citrus and organic cane sugar
mixer for most populair cocktails and punches.
  • Fresh squeezed Citrus
  • Small seasonal batches
  • Made by Bartenders
  • On Cocktailcrafttap