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Batched Cocktails

Espresso Martini

Foamy nitro mixology on tap, smooth taste with consistent perfect serves. An great after dinner Espresso Martini cocktail in style.

A batch of vodka, coffee liqueur, chocolate bitters and great americano coffee cold brew: Kit AA+ from mount Kenya in Kirinyaga.
by Manhattan Roasters.

  • size 3L
  • serving 20x150ML
  • abv 12%
  • Cocktailcrafttap N2 Nitrogenation
  • Direct bib tap Shake & serve
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  • great for after dinner dansing energizer
  • flavour stunning note of lime candy, chocolate americano
  • garnish 3 filter coffee beans
  • Fresh squeezed Citrus
  • Small seasonal batches
  • Made by Bartenders
  • On Cocktailcrafttap