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Batched Cocktails

Custom Batched

Want something unique or a particular cocktail? Custom Batched Cocktails are your favourite cocktails, ideas or requirements, crafted and batched by us, according to the 14,5% alcohol standard. Needless to say we also craft non or even high alcohol cocktails.

Contact us for other questions or enquiries.

  • minimum batch 45 liter
  • Serving time 1 week
  • Packed 15x3L
  • Cocktailcrafttap Carbonation or Nitrogenation
  • direct bib tap build, bruise, shake or stir
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How does it work

Serve the best cocktails at the right moment,
with our 3-step bag-in-box system. C02 options possible!

1. Fill with ice and ingredients, 2. Tap Batched Cocktail, 3. Serve with garnish and love!

To help you with inspiration we created cocktailmoments, this can give you an idea how Custom Batched Cocktails can work for you.

  • Batched Martini Cocktail Moment

    Batched Martini Moments are more than precious, beautiful like a diamond!

    Batched Martini Moments are elegant in form and looks, just like a martini served with grace in a coupe glass!

    Drinks that are short, beautiful, fruity and strong, yet they won’t bite at all… Don’t get us wrong.

    Cocktails like these elevate the moments at galas, dinners, receptions and any cocktail-party.

    • #daiquiri
    • #classicmargarita
    • #cucumbermartini
    • #lemondropmartini
  • Batched Tiki cocktail moment

    Batched Tiki cocktail gives you a tropical moment like the islands!

    Batched Tiki cocktail and you see the line where the sky meets the the sea? It calls me…, which can only be described in a song.

    Just wait until this authentic tiki taste kicks in!

    These serves provide any beach-party with the most magical feeling!

    • #passionrumrunner
    • #strawberrymojito
    • #darkandstormy
    • #passioncaipirinha
  • Batched Gin & Tonic cocktail moment

    Batched Gin & Tonic in a Copa de Balon moment is not just about good looks, but size really does matter.

    Batched Gin & Tonic in a Copa de Balon is one of the best moments. The fact that this shape glass balloon preserves both taste and temperature the best way is for one. Copa de Balon is definitely the most elegant way to enjoy a G&T, a Tom Collins or just a great lemonade.

    Serving this drink on moments like weddings, celebrations or receptions are picture-perfect

    • #gin&tonic
    • #g&t
    • #ginbayleaf&licorice
    • #ginlemonade
    • #springginelixer
    • #vodkaherbaltonic
    • #cucumberfizz
  • Batched Sour cocktail Moment

    Batched Sour cocktail Moment, Ladies and gentlemen are you ready for short and strong, sweet and sour, black tie and dresses?

    Batched Sour cocktail Moment separates boys from men and girls from ladies, for it is a distinct moment for elegant, casual, yet smart cocktails.

    Serve these at galas, after dinner, weddings and any cocktail party.

    • #whiskeysour
    • #veganwhiskeysour
    • #amarettosour
    • #vodkasour
  • Batched mojito cocktail moment

    Batched mojito cocktail moment because best things in life are the simplest and life is like dream!

    Batched mojito cocktail moment reflects exactly that in taste, looks and feel.

    Mojito’s are simply the most popular mixed serves in the world and they will always be!

    Serve these drinks at festivals and events, at outdoor parties, on the beach and on any given sunny day.

    • #strawberrymojito
    • #passionmojito
    • #classicmojito
    • #springbaylemonade
    • #virginmojito
  • Fresh squeezed Citrus
  • Small seasonal batches
  • Made by Bartenders
  • On Cocktailcrafttap