Wolfgang Bartos

born in Graz, Austria, is the very founder of our bartending heritage. Always having had an affinity with traveling, he started working in the hospitality industry in order to widen his horizon. From Vienna and Zurich to Rotterdam, and from Rotterdam all the way to New York and back, where he discovered the upcoming American New York cocktail scene firsthand and got fascinated by it. With his fine art for cocktail-making, he became an award-winning bartender; inspiring numerous Dutch entrepreneurs to start making and serving cocktails. After completing his globetrotting journeys, he finally settled down in Rotterdam, where he established the renowned French restaurant “The Castellane”, which was the first Top 100-restaurant in the Netherlands to serve high-quality cocktails, complimenting an already fine cuisine and top wines.

Ian Bartos

is a second generation bartender of our bartending heritage. Born in Rotterdam and grown up behind the bar of the French restaurant, where his father— Wolfgang Bartos, an award-winning bartender— fed him with a bar-spoon. There, Ian learned firsthand the art of cocktail-making, its trade and most importantly all about the true hospitality spirit. Which is that “to serve is to love”.

After numerous years of taking part as an award-winning bartender in international flair and classic bartending competitions, he founded Barsupport alongside Jorgos Stein and together they started working for premium spirits brands and companies all over Europe.

Jorgos Stein

is the first professional bartender in his family, however alcohol distillation runs deep in his family’s veins. His great-grandfather, Willem Jacobus Stein started distilling liqueurs and jenevers in 1875 at the Kerkstraat in Doesburg (the Netherlands).

As a result, Jorgos became inspired and fascinated by the craft of making cocktails and translating that in to a business. Jorgos became an award-winning bartender and has built his successful career by skilfully combining the craft and business for Barsupport.


is the first full-service beverage caterer in the Netherlands, specialised in bars, bartending, perfect serve, mixology, cocktails and mixed-drinks.

Over the years, Barsupport became an established platform for inspired bartenders who’ve loved to share their knowledge and skills and who sought to further develop and grow professionally.

Those bartenders, who played a significant role in Barsupport’s success and bartending heritage through the years, are the captains of the modern cocktail industry today.